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Keep your posts friendly and appropriate for all ages. All other rules flow from this rule.

Users under the age of 13 must have permission from their parents before using the ShoutBox service.

If an admin or the system delivers a warning, pay attention. Admins have a yellow circle with an A in their avatars. The system admin has an exclaimation point for an avatar, it will not respond to you.

This is a VIDEO GAME website, not a dating site or a relationship management site. Flirting or having "romance roleplays" are also prohibited here. Such topics are not appropriate.

Do not misrepresent yourself as another user. It's not funny and will get you banned.

Piracy is illegal. Please do not encourage piracy or other illegal activities.

No drug or alcohol related topics. They are not cool or funny, they will get you banned.

Spamming will be punished with a ban. This means no continuous blank posting or other forms of annoying posts such as random typing.

Make sure you have read the news before asking an admin a question about the site. Please do not pester the admins with requests to become a mod or admin.

All bans will vary in length depending on the severity of the offense, but ultimately up to the discretion of the admin.